Well, here he is folks, the one and only Joe Bob Briggs, also known as actor John Bloom. He is THE Guru of Drive-In and exploitation, monster, and bad films we all like (Oh yes you do, deep down inside!!). Joe Bob was formerly the host of horror and weird films on The Movie Channel, before being hired away by TNT to host Monstervision.

Monstervision, and, alas Joe Bob are gone from TNT (along with just about everything else that was cool about the station) but Joe Bob can still be found on his website (see Cool Links). As actor John Bloom he's starred in the TV mini-series THE STAND as a Texas patrolman "Cousin Joe Bob", who witnesses the invasion of a small Texas town by the US military in an effort to control a spreading plague. In FACE/OFF starring John Travolta and Nicolas Cage, he played a sadistic prison hospital doctor about to adminster electro-shock treatment to Nick Cage (actually more like John Travolta, wearing Nick Cage's face-see the movie to figure that out). In CASINO he played an incompetent dealer at the Las Vegas gambling tables. His appearences, though often brief, are gems and always memorable. He's also the author of several books on B-films and IRON JOE BOB which is philosophy, Joe Bob style. His site is a great laugh and always worth looking into at least once a day while you're surfing. However, be warned: if you take yourself TOO seriously you may be pissed off.